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March 30, 2023

What Boudoir Means to Me

Over the years I have worked with many women who are looking for a way to connect with that self love and confidence inside that can often get lost in our daily lives. I have found a passion for creating a safe, positive space for women to embrace themselves with love and acceptance. No matter your reason for doing boudoir, my hope is that it will be a steady reminder of how beautiful you truly are inside and out.

Your view of your hair and makeup experience. A model posing for beach boudoir in Florida.

Boudoir and I clicked immediately. It was like that lightbulb moment. I am able to combine beautiful artwork of the female body while encouraging women embrace their confidence from within. I am proud to be your favorite your hype girl! It has been six years of boudoir and it has grown into a passion I am so grateful I found.

Some women are familiar with this experience and some others its completely out of their comfort zone. Either way I am here to tell you that you are deserving of this moment. The moment to treat yourself. Buy that lingerie set and get your hair and makeup done. Take a deep breathe and know you are worth it. That is one of the most beautiful lessons boudoir has taught me. That I am deserving of finding self love and the most overwhelming sexy confidence I have ever felt.

Behind the scenes of a photoshoot. Examples of in studio and styled shoots.

I have one rule with boudoir. Be yourself. Go with your gut on what make you feel good. It is truly unique to you, so I encourage you to embrace your sexy. You can wear lingerie or be topless in your favorite pair of jeans. Or wear your partners favorite t-shirt or be nude in the sheets. You can accessorize with jewelry, shoes or a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I absolutely love seeing what each and every women brings to their shoot.

What better way to remember this empowering moment than with romantic, fine art photographs. Keep them for you, share them with your significant other or best friend. Either way, I am so happy to be a part of this experience with you. So cheers, girl! Here’s to you embracing your sexy!

Portraits of the photographer.

Xox, Emily

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