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September 19, 2023

5 Reasons To Do A Boudoir Session

Give yourself an experience of confidence.

Celebrate a milestone in life. 

Lingerie.. duh 😉

Gift a loved one.

Feel empowered. 

Girl, just because it’ll make you feel good. 

  1. Confidence. It can be a nerve wracking idea to push yourself out of your comfort zone. But when you do you open yourself up to such a beautiful experience. Boudoir can be such a powerful way to awaken your inner confidence and give yourself the moment you deserve.
  2. Self-Love. In such a busy world, I think it is so important to remember to check in with yourself and give yourself a little self love. Boudoir can be that moment for you. Putting yourself first, embracing your body, pampering yourself with lingerie and hair + makeup! It is truly a special way to say I love you to your beautiful sexy self.  
  3. Gift. Whoever this gift may be for, may it be an elegant, romantic way to cherish your beauty inside and out.
  4. The Photos. Oh do I love this process. My goal is to capture images that will help you remember the feeling of confidence and self love that this Boudoir moment gave you. Your gallery will be a timeless keepsake that will empower you forever. Reminding you of how amazing and powerful you truly are.
  5. Just because. If you just feel like it. Do it.. you are so worth it!

No matter the reason, I am grateful to be here to help you reconnect with yourself through the art of Boudoir.

Xox, Emily

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