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Women posing on a white bed with white lingerie.

In Studio

October 4, 2023

In Studio Boudoir

Women in lingerie posing in a bedroom.

In-Studio sessions are the bread and butter of Emily Louise Boudoir 😉 I offer these sessions at my residential studio in Akron Ohio. This space provides a cozy, intimate vibe that will help you relax and enjoy your boudoir moment. The soft natural light and simple romantic space is the perfect backdrop for your soft and airy photoshoot. I look forward to welcoming you to this happy space, I will be here with you every step of the way.

Your experience begins with meeting a cute puppy and having a sip of champagne! Your official boudoir hype girl (me!) and your makeup artist will be ready to see your looks and begin your glam. I truly believe in this process of treating yourself to professional hair and makeup. The amazing women I work with will provide a look that will take this session to the next level! Plus, while you are in the makeup chair we will chat and get to know one another! I love creating a safe space for you to be yourself and we can celebrate being beautiful, confident women!!

Hair and makeup artist setting up for a client.

It’s important to remember I am more than a photographer, I am your support system and biggest cheerleader! I LOVE what I do and I have learned a lot over the years. I will walk you through your entire experience. From booking, shopping, precession beauty appointments and posing! I will also provide an Experience Guide upon booking with information that will help you anticipate the flow of the boudoir process. For most women this is a new and sometimes nerve-racking experience. I am here for you. Embrace the nerves and remember to be proud of yourself for taking this moment to love yourself.

One of my favorite moments in boudoir is seeing your boudoir style! It’s important to remember to be yourself while you curate your looks. If you’re a jeans and a bralette kinda girl, go for it! Or you prefer a simple lace robe or a leather harness set. This is your moment to be creative and embrace YOUR boudoir style. Accessorize or keep it simple. Whatever feels best, trust your gut. And if you bring a suit case of everything because you can’t decide, that is also ok!! You wouldn’t be the first and you won’t be the last.

As always, I am proud of you for being here. Boudoir is my happy place and I am grateful I have to share it with. Whatever season of life you are in, a boudoir shoot is a beautiful to celebrate you!

Xox, Emily

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